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What can you do while in Birmingham?

There are lots of fun events that you can attend while in Birmingham. Whether you are with working looking for networkinggroups or with your loved one, there's always something worth seeing. You might think that it is only a place to see restaurants, but there are more activities and places that you can visit. Here are some events in Birmingham that you can check out.

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If you are looking for a different kind of music fair or gig, you can go to the Township Caf and enjoy Afrovibes music. There will be a Xylophone Workshop this coming 23rd of October, between 600pm to 700pm. The show will be headed by Ethnomusicologist Peter Cooke, who shares his life stories while researching on the history of Ugandan musical instruments. He will showcase his collections and talents, which can be a fun way to know other cultures while in Birmingham. There is no admission fee for this event, so be sure to bring your friends and family with you.

Nothing beats the experience of watching a hilarious theatre play with your family. On October 26, the Pirate and Parrot play will be brought to life once again by the A Little Commitment Red Earth Theatre. This funny story will be presented at the Hexagon on two times slots, 1100am and 230pm. Family tickets can be purchased for 28 and individual tickets are sold at 8. It's a great play about a voyage of discovery and companionship and finding a place called Home.

If you have ever dreamed of making a film poster as a kid or an adult, now is the best time to learn the basics. There will be a Free Film Poster Making Workshop on November 22, sponsored by the Polish Expats Association and Behind the Curtain. The event starts at 1200pm and ends at 300pm, so you can enlist yourself, your kids or your friends ahead of time. You just need to book online via or contact the Birmingham City Council to know more about the activity.

Laughter is the best medicine, thus engaging your children to activities that can make them more joyful can lead them to have healthy and positive lives. The Laughing Sole offers a comedy club for kids ages five and up, but children younger than five and their parents are also welcome to join. Family tickets are offered at 24, while solo tickets are sold at 7 each. The club started last May and will continue until February 22, 2015. To know more about the comedy club, you may visit the The Laughing Sole website and get in touch with their workshop facilitator.

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There are definitely lots of activities to do in Birmingham than people can imagine. Apart from these events, there are parks and museums to visit, too. Just explore the city with your family and you will surely agree that it's an exciting place for everyone.